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Double Trouble = Double BIRTHDAY Fun!

Thursday, 12th May 2011

Double Trouble = Double BIRTHDAY Fun!

On the 10th of May my eldest babies turned 7.

SEVEN!!!!! Where have those years gone?

As shattering as it was to awake and realise that they’re not going to be little for much longer, I was excited to see them rip open their pressies with delight!

Here are a few photos from their Birthday Morning….

The cakes they took to school!


Present Time!
I reckon they're happy with that!
And this!
Zafirah - Unimpressed that she has to wait 2 whole weeks for her Birthday! LOL


So there you have it….. We’ve survived 7 years of twins….. Stay tuned for their Birthday Party Posts next week!



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    1. Jess

      Excellent pics!!! Loved the yummy cakes, lucky classmates! Zafirah's expresson is priceless. Do you mean in 2 weeks you'll be having another party????!!!!! Congratulations on 7 years of twinship!!! Double blessings and best wishes to all the family xxxxxxxxx

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Yup Jess, that's exactly what I mean.... Zaf turns 6 on the 24th of May, so we will be princess-ing it up in 2 weeks time! She's almost always been the 3rd twin... Must be hard on her to have to wait. Poor sod. But I know how she feels, my b'day is on the 31st..... LOL May is our crazy month! How old are your twins? I almost wish they had brought us some cake home from school, it looked so yummy! They were choc/vanilla swirl cakes..... Must say a big thanks to my hubby for baking them for the kids, it was a team effort... He bakes, I decorate :-)

    3. JEss M

      Nwahhh see this is why Zaffy is so freaking cute!! poor little monkey tho :( but it will be her turn soon enough!

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