Twins??? An Instant Armful.

Double trouble or Twice as Nice?

Sunday, 20th March 2011

Double trouble or Twice as Nice?

Aria in the white, Jai in the Green.

Throughout the last 7 odd years I have been asked many many questions about having twins. I do suppose they are quite a novelty and not everyone has the opportunity to pop 2 gifts out of the one long pregnancy,Β  but like most other mothers expecting twins for the first time I had no idea of what i was in store for.

During my twin pregnancy I found helpful information very rare. I could find diagrams on twins in utero and I found minimal chapters in every second pregnancy book about the difference between identical and non identical twins.

What I really wanted was something realistic, something that could tell me exactly what to expect, how organised I would have to be, what products I needed and what things would be a waste of money. I wanted the honest truth and found it rather difficult to find.

So my aim here is to provide you with my story of having twins. I promise not to fluff it up, over exaggerate or baffle you with bulls@*t, as I am sure many others have.Β  If I raise a sense of relief and reassurance in just one twin mummy, I have had success. πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for future posts on my twin pregnancy and more.


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