Weekly Round Up

6th – 12th August 2012 Weekly Round-Up

Sunday, 12th August 2012

6th – 12th August 2012 Weekly Round-Up

Today I am sharing a round up post, a little like aΒ  newsletter really. You’ll find this weeks blog posts, some of my favourite pics from the week and a musical film clip as well. Enjoy!

Here are the links to this week’s blog posts just in case you missed any or would like to revisit.

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TUESDAY: Aussie Curves – Boots!

WEDNESDAY: Monsterquad Grandma Gets Crafty, Chaos Style!

THURSDAY: Dear Elijah 5.3 weeks old.

FRIDAY: Chaos Babies – The Newborn Edition.


A few of my favourite Facebook photos from this week:

Eli on play mat
We put Elijah on his play mat for the first time this week. He loved the music and stared up at the flashing lights and swinging toys for ages.
Brian ane Elijah
Just before bedtime I snapped this photo of MonsterSquad Dad and Elijah having a one on one 'man talk'. This involved plenty of silly faces, grunting and a lecture on sleeping through the night!!!
Elijah being serious
Just a quick pic of me and Elijah.... He's looking pretty serious in this photo!

This week I am sharing a WEEZER song with you all. Why? Because in January (after waiting 16 long years….) I am going to see this band! WOOHOO. Well that’s if my tickets ever arrive Ticketmaster!!! It’s not my all time favourite Weezer song but the film clip is super cute.


I hope you all enjoyed our week of chaos. Stay tuned next next for a cool giveaway, some more chaos photos and hopefully, some regular blog posts.

Luv Always,

Jac xox


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    1. Elijah is so cute and so like you. The roundups are such a great idea.

    2. commonchaoschronicle

      Thanks Trish, I like the idea of a weekly round up too. I'm not quite ready to be emailing people newsletters yet, so this is a perfect way for readers to catch up! xoxox

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