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Finding Time.

Monday, 12th May 2014

Finding Time.

It feels like forever since I have had a moment to sit down and actually write a proper blog post.

There have been moments where I have wanted to, and have even got as far as opening up my MacBook and loading up my website… But then ‘life happens’ and I am torn away from my plans once again to do a million other things for what feels like a million other people.

I glance over at the clock in the evenings and it often reads somewhere between 10pm & midnight and I just don’t have it left in me to concentrate and write at that time. My brain is, 9 times out of 10, officially fried by that time of night and I have nothing left in my tank to make sense of anything.

So I tell myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. And then tomorrow comes and it doesn’t get done.

So I tell myself, “I’ll do it on the weekend”…… and yeh, that doesn’t happen either.

You get the gist.

There is a down side to life ‘happening’ and me missing out on my blogging time, which for months now, my family just haven’t seemed to consider.

Like, the income I generate from advertising. If you don’t have time to advertise, you don’t have the income. If you don’t have the income, you can’t have this, buy that, go here & there and so on.

But more importantly, blogging for the most part is my biggest outlet. It’s where I ‘mind-dump’ and clear the constant cycle of thoughts and words that flood my head 24/7.

Take that away and I become short tempered, irritable, frustrated and resentful. I struggle to concentrate on the good moments of the day because I spend so much time clouded in thoughts instead of just letting them out.

It’s true. I’m a better parent and a better wife when I am writing, being creative and allowing myself ‘time’ to do my things and to be me.

I like to think of it a bit like a fuel tank, except I like to call it my ‘Calm Tank’.

When I’m running on empty, it’s usually because I haven’t allowed myself that ‘time’ and I need to top it up.

My fuel is my creativity. Be it crafts, crotchet, painting, writing, photography, scrap-booking, playing guitar and so on.

Now, we’re all different and we all require a different kind of fuel to fill our calm tanks.

Some read, some run, some cook, some socialise and so on.

Whatever your fuel is, I cannot stress enough how important it is to top up your tank, even when you think you haven’t got any time for that…..

I know we’ve all said it before “Me time???? What’s that?????”.…. Yes? But never underestimate the importance of it.

Me time is the time you have to do the things you love. It’s the time you have when you allow yourself to make it and take it.

No more feeling guilty when I look around and see a job not quite done, or a list of things that I hope to accomplish. From now on, I’m going to fill my tank on a daily basis, and my family will soon get used to it.

I’ll still be the do-er of pretty much everything around here, but ‘my ‘me’ time’ has jumped up the priority list big time from now on.

Calm Tank

Are you able to ‘make time’ to fill your Calm Tank today?

What is your ‘fuel’???



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    1. Krystal

      As silly as it sounds I refill my 'calm tank' by listening to music and dancing. Whether it be at the local watering hole or in my undies around the house, when I'm home alone of course! LOL Addicted to country music at the moment but you won't catch me boot-scootin' hahaha Love the idea of the 'calm tank' that's awesome :)

    2. My "me" time has been so scarce ever since I started my practicum. In fact...non-existent I think. It makes this mama cranky! Having to juggle that, then doing lesson plans, driving the kids to their after school activities AND picking them up, then cooking dinner, etc. I really miss going to the gym regularly - my one and only "me" time! And so, now, my little solace is simply to run upstairs and lie in bed for at least 5-10 minutes when I get home. Just to "breathe". Norlin recently posted...Pampering On A BudgetMy Profile

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