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Holiday Required!

Monday, 19th August 2013

Holiday Required!

I am finding myself getting closer and closer each day, to packing a bag and walking away.

I’m tired. Really really tired.

Of everything.

I’m tired of having little to no sleep. I feel like I’m drunk 24/7 and I rarely ever drink! I cannot concentrate, I’m drowsy and I have no patience left what so ever.

‘A’ good night’s sleep won’t cut it. It’s going to take a whole lot more than one night of sleep to repair the damage the last 10 years of sleep deprivation has had on me.

I’m tired of the same mundane repetitive crap day in and day out. I love being a wife and a parent, but I also want to be me too. I’d love to be able to whip through the jobs for each day then enjoy some time to get new things done.

I need some down time, and at the moment despite countless attempts at creating a much easier life for us here at Chaos HQ, everyone just keeps working against me.

I’m tired of the whole ‘it’s OK, Mum will do it’ attitude. It’s not OK, Mum can’t do everything all of the time.

Seems everyone else gets time to just switch off.


I have a bad head cold, that is moving to my chest. For day’s now I have ‘soldiered on’ hoping to kick it before it sets in and turns into bronchitis. But realistically, I probably need some rest.

The thing is, when I stop here at Chaos HQ, everyone else stops too, and absolutely nothing gets done at all.

Nobody ever steps up to the plate and when nothing gets done at all, it means an overwhelming, massive job for me to do once I’m feeling better, and really, there’s just not enough hours in the day….

I want a family that can see and notice when I’m unwell and struggling. A family that ‘want’s’ to look after their wife and mum when she’s not 100%.

Instead I have a family that doesn’t bat an eyelid. Which is the most very frustrating thing of all.

I know I’m not alone and I know so many stay at home parents that feel exactly the same way as I do.

Some choose to voice their opinions and vent their frustrations and others just curl up on the couch and say nothing at all.

Either way, we’re all still in the same boat.


Mother quote

So I’m giving this family of mine one last chance before they find out the hard way what it’s like when Mum actually quits, curls up and lets the chaos happen around her…..

What would be really nice though is a holiday away from the lot of them.

There’s nothing like losing what you’ve got to realise the worth of what you had.

All those in favor of a free, always open, always available, all inclusive ‘MUM RETREAT’ raise your hand now……



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    1. Oh hon, I hear ya. I had bronchitis in June, and I was out of action for 2 weeks. You HAVE to rest! If you don't, your health will only get worse :( Alyce recently posted...Mood Board Monday: Not Your Granny FloralsMy Profile

    2. Oh hon, I hear you! Sometimes we need to get away or stop doing what we normally do for them to realise how valuable we are! My one time strike serves as a great reminder to my kids the next time they push my limit. I always remind them of the day I went on strike and they start listening. Hate threatening but it somehow works. As for Mr. C? Well, I went away for the weekend and he knows he needs me, but was too stubborn and proud to admit it. MEN! Norlin recently posted...Mood Board Monday: FloralMy Profile

    3. Oh Jac! I'm so sorry you're feeling sick. I hope the dreaded lurgy leaves soon. Although I have 1/3 of the children you do, our house is the same. I'm so sick of putting things away, only to find them on the floor 20 minutes later (if I'm lucky). I'm sick and tired of kids losing their things because they can't be bothered looking after them. Every morning is a god-damned battle, and I'm so thankful to head out the door and go to work. I honestly don't know how you do it. As a last resort, have you thought about getting a life coach or therapist in, to work with the whole family? That Peter Walsh guy would be perfect for you all. LisaW recently posted...Mood Board Monday | FloralMy Profile

    4. Brenda Edwards

      Jac, Hang in there - I so can relate to how you feel. Becoming a Single Parent and having 3 kids 5, 4 & 18months - its just not fair when I'm battling to keep some sort of organization in the house when I have 3 monsters working against me and when I get sick - no one cares. None of mine are in school yet but I have them in childcare 3 days a week (2 days for me to study and 1 day as a me day) Although my me day ends up in me doing the groceries etc. but I do try and find some time to just have an extra long shower with no interruptions. I have also now restricted them to only our meals/family room area and banned them from the lounge (purchased a big baby gate to stop them getting in) because I got fed up in cleaning one room while they destroyed the other. I am sure it would be interesting if you did go on strike for a day and not do anything for your bigger monsters then see if they do notice

    5. Kristy

      I read this post and I swear I could have written it myself. I know exactly where you are at. Every single day you have to do more than the day before because if you don't you'll never get a head and no matter how tired you are or how sick you are no one is going to offer any useful help. Hang in there! I know you don't know me at all but if you ever want to talk....

    6. Nikki Montague

      My house is open to you in adelaide Jac, my husband works away and although I have three monsters here they arent yours to deal with and there are lovely wineries 10mins down the road.

    7. Did you say Mum retreat? I'm there!!!!! I could have written this, except I am only (a day off) 6 years in. I say we stage a strike, walk out, sit in. Whatever. I hope your family pick up the slack xx Becky from BeckyandJames.com recently posted...Wordless Wednesday: R.O.M.A.N.C.EMy Profile

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