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The Nest Is Almost Empty!!!!

Friday, 31st January 2014

The Nest Is Almost Empty!!!!

So today is the first day back at school for the MonsterSquad in 2014.

After 6 long and trying weeks of relentless nonsense, fighting and arguing, I was pretty sure that I would be the mum dancing out of the school gates, with a skip in my step and a grin from ear to ear…..

It was fantastic to see all five of them settle in to school so quickly. There were no arguments, no tears, and excitement all round.

Back To School

While I left the school feeling pleased and content with their happiness, I must say I am feeling pretty flat now.

After enjoying a long overdue cuppa with a friend, then a quick PT session followed by lunch with MonsterSquad Grandma, I’m suddenly faced with the reality of what most days will be like from now on.

I won’t lie, it’s bloody daunting.

Yes, I still have the toddler at home with me, but he will do his 2 day’s a week of daycare so that I can run the house and my blog, and that will be great for him too. He still also usually has a couple of hours sleep during the day, which will mean alone time for me then as well.

All of a sudden, in the quiet of this big house I am feeling extremely lonely… Something that I really didn’t expect to be feeling at all.

Little people grow up far too quick.

It’s ok though, I know with each little bit of ‘alone time’, as awkward as it feels today, I will start to find myself again. It’s been a long time coming I guess.

When you continually put everyone else’s needs before your own, it’s so easy to get lost in the chaos. I’ve been a great mum for nearly 10years now, but it’s time to be great for me as well as for everyone else too.

Goals are so important, and today is just the opportunity to set some for 2014. The nest might be almost empty, but there’s always something to do here at Chaos HQ.


* Keep up with my Personal Training and shift this weight I have gained over the last 10years.

* Blog. Blog Everything. Grow this blog, because writing is my outlet and I love it!

* Pick up my guitar and play it again. It’s been nearly 10years……

* Craft, DIY, and do more of the things that relax me.

And after all of that, I might just not be such a tired, worn out, cranky, exhausted Mumma.

Are you feeling a little lost now your kids are back at school too?

What are your personal goals for 2014?


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    1. OMG! That was me when Master 8 started Prep...I was excited at first...the house was SPOTLESS in the first few weeks...then I got bored of cleaning. Then I got a bit depressed. Then, I started to find stuff to do that excite me. Jac, it'll be a bit weird at first, but you'll find your mojo and relish the me right now. Boy, the first day the kids went back to school after a LONG holiday, I was enjoying how quiet the house was! I didn't even turn on the music. It was....HEAVEN! Norlin recently posted...Love, Like & Loathe: Amazing Hairstylist, Gorgeous Lip Crayons & Lunchbox WarsMy Profile

    2. Yup. I'm both excited and nervous about my baby starting school on Monday. I know it's time and I need to shift my focus back onto myself but I'm feeling so emotional about it - and a bit off balance. I think next week will be totally weird for me. I love the idea of being alone at home - but may just spend the entire week crying!!! Caz (The Truth About Mummy) recently posted...GIVEAWAY: Panasonic ECONAVI 10kg Front Loader Washing Machine ($1,619)My Profile

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