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Seriously, COMB YOUR KIDS HAIR…. A frustrated rant about head lice!

Thursday, 1st August 2013

Seriously, COMB YOUR KIDS HAIR…. A frustrated rant about head lice!

So there’s nothing I love more than when the kids come to me at bedtime and state that their heads are itchy.

NOT!!!! I hope you all read that with the huge amount of sarcasm that was intended.

It’s safe to say I am 110% fed up with the cycle of head lice & nits.

I am one of those people that check the kids hair almost daily.

9 mornings out of 10, I will comb their hair with the nit comb as I do it in the morning. Then once a week they get a good conditioner comb out to really make sure I haven’t missed anything.

I know when my MonsterSquad have ‘bugs’ (as we call them here), because I check so often.

When I find them, I check us all again, conditioner comb and then chemically treat their hair. Once treated, I then go back through it with conditioner to remove any dead bugs I may have missed.

Despite the fact that even the school tells me that there is no need to wash the linen, I do that too!!!!

Just talking about the situation has my head itching like mad.

Over the last month, I finally declared us ‘NIT FREE’ and celebrated that I had actually broken the cycle.

Now last night, in typical MonsterSquad fashion, they used a ‘hair comb out’ as an excuse to stay up that half an hour longer.

So I set too it, determined to get it done in record time so I could park my bum on the couch for the first evening in as long as I can remember. After all, I had combed just a day before.

With 3 or 4 strokes of the fine tooth comb through Levi’s hair, out came a massive live crawling bug. Another few strokes through his long hair and I discovered another.

Head Lice
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By this stage I was at boiling point.

One session at Kinder, for 5 hours, and he has big bugs again. Not tiny little just hatched bugs, but big crawlers that you can hear pop when you squish them. Big crawlers that have obviously just crawled into Levi’s head.

After checking us all once again, it was just his poor head that was wriggling…. This time….


I know it’s not the kinder (or school’s) fault. They put notices up, they let parents know in newsletters, they do what they can, but it’s not up to the kinder’s & school’s to treat our children, it’s up to us as the parents/guardians!

So this rant goes out to all the parents/guardians that never bother to check their kids hair.

To the parents that say things like “my kids don’t itch”, “their hair is too short” and so on.

JUST CHECK THE HAIR!!!!!! Regardless…..

and please, please, please stop pretending you’re too busy to treat your kids hair!!!

It’s a shitty task, and nobody loves it but just bloody do it!

I’ve had enough, it’s costing us a fortune in treatments and conditioner and it’s wasting so much of my valuable time so often.

We’re dead set tired of itching at Chaos HQ.

Rant over…..

Do you check your kids hair often?

What method do you use to eradicate head lice?


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    1. I hear your pain. I won't start on what things were like when we were kids!!! For my boys, they both have REALLY short hair and I keep it short. If there are ever bugs, I get out the clippers, cut their hair short and treat it with nit stuff. This keeps the bugs out of our house. We haven't had problems in years (touch wood). This wouldn't work with girls though.... Melissa recently posted...Weight loss is NOT a competitionMy Profile

    2. I never had nits as a kid (in VIC and NSW). In primary school there was a 'nit nurse' who did head checks. Not sure why it is so rampant in my kids' school (kindy was fine. Maybe it is the weather in QLD or just slack parents

    3. Krystal Ferguson

      Touch wood is right! But we have been nit free for a good many years now, I only let the kids wash their hair once a week and I check it almost daily, if not every second day. I will have a quick look through just out of habit, but definitely once a fortnight, a full decent check, but I haven't found anything so far! Thank goodness!!! I was itching just reading your post! It's horrible! I hate even thinking about the little buggers.

    4. Combing is the ticket no doubt -- and your candid reporting is appreciated with lots of important messages about diligence. Especially the rant to "JUST CHECK THE HAIR!" Only concern is what might be your frequent use of chemicals for treatment. If you are finding the lice when there are fewer of them and removing them -- they are out! Repeated use of chemicals designed to kill or repel bugs come with risks to the child especially when used repeatedly. Hooray for sharing your rant, your routine screening, early detection and removal. You might want to add some fun for the kids while you're checking. http://www.headlice.org/kids/headgames/index.htm

    5. TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! I'm starting to think I need to shave all their heads, girls included. We just can't keep them away from the house for more than a month lately. I think I need to send them to school in a shower cap, that may be the only way to keep them off!

    6. Melanie

      Lice are absolutely rampant at my kids school. I comb through all four of my kids hair every morning with the nit comb. I haven't found a nit or an egg in a long time, BUT I find big, whopping full grown lice every now and then. I know that the little buggers have just been picked up the day before, from some nit ridden unchecked head. Just keeps me even more determined to comb through every, single day. I feel your pain!

    7. Headlice are the bane of my existence! They drive me insane! No amount of vigilance here keeps them away. My eldest had them every couple of months from preschool until this year when she started high school. Now my mini miss is suffering with them, every week. Despite constant checks, conditioner combs, natural daily treatments, preventatives....nothing keeps them at bay. She can be nit free for a whole week, then 1 day at daycare will end that. I know its not the daycares fault, but they refuse to even acknowledge that she is getting them there! She isn't around any other kids, so where else would they come from? Exhausting they, time consuming and exhausting,...... Sharon recently posted...Date NightMy Profile

    8. Sandy Burton

      I am like you I check often.

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