Whine Time

Whine Time…. LIARS

Sunday, 8th January 2012

Whine Time…. LIARS


Welcome to my first rant of 2012.


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I can’t stand them.

I can’t stand the dribble that comes out of their mouths and I cannot stand being lied to myself.

It doesn’t matter what it is either.

Have you quit smoking?

Yes, I haven’t smoked for months…… So, errrr…… why did I just see you hide them and more so, why do you stink like smoke?

Why lie??? You’re going to get caught out. Liars always do.

It doesn’t bother me what kind of lie it is, chances are if I work out it’s a fib, I’m going to lose my shit.

And I’ve probably heard it somewhere. From the weeny tiny ones you talk to make yourself feel better, to the elaborate scams people spin to dodge government agencies like Centrelink etc

I am over listening to peoples garbage.

Do you feel the same way when you hear blatant crapola dribble out of someones mouth?

Share with me some of the pathetic lies people have spun on you in the past.

I bet there have been some winners…



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    1. Sh23

      One so called friend told me one day, in her words, "I'm really good at lying, I do it all the time, and I never feel guilty" Whoa there, thanks for telling me that. I now know everything you've said that I have thought odd was in fact a lie. Not a friend anymore and she wonders why...

    2. I have this little blog you see..... :D Don't even get me started.... After 18 years with a compulsive liar I now lose my shit when the kids lie about flushing the toilet .....

    3. I can't stand liars. I once had a friend who was a compulsive liar and was constantly forgetting what he had said. When we pulled him up for it, he just told more lies to cover his ass.

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